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"Hard Times"
Writer: Myers/Noble; Producer: Rusty McFarland/JD Myers; Label:Twangabilly

Former Asylum artist Myers is going the indie route with a collection that is straight up the Americana alley. Its title tune is a rootsy country rocker with deep-twang guitar, wailing harmonica and a pounding backbeat. Heartily recommended.

- Robert K. Oermann

"Wishin' And Waitin"
Writer: Myers/Thompson/Woody; Producer: Barry Beckett; Label:Asylum

Spectacular country-rock groove with plenty of bottom, driving rhythm and chiming electric guitar. Myers rides on top with a marvelously understated, finely phrased reading that gets under your skin. I didn't want it to end.

- Robert K. Oermann

Modern Screens Country

"Like A Train", the debut album from one JD Myers isn't like any of those albums you end up shelving in a matter of weeks. It isn't comprised of a couple of standout hits with nothing but filler taking up the rest of the space. The debut is ten cuts long with ten potential hits. A veritable classic just waiting to be discovered! You'd have to be crazy to pass this guy off as just another hat act. With six of the ten cuts co-penned by JD and eight tracks featuring his guitar work, this guy's looking at maintaining his integrity and will no doubt add to it once songs like "If Love Was Like A Train" and "Wishin' and Waitin'" have their way with the country music public. Don't miss this train!

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JD Myers' debut album, "Like a Train", is an impressive debut that finds the Virginia native crafting a gritty fusion of honky tonk, Bakersfield country, rockabilly and early rock & roll. Myers has a deep, resonant voice that can handle honky tonk weepers and rocking boogies with equal flair. He also shows promise as a songwriter, which helps make "Like A Train" a thoroughly impressive debut.

- Thom Owens

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Look out Tim, step aside Kenny: With sizzling guitar and robust vocals placed smartly up front, and boasting arrangements as tight around the rear as a new pair of Levi's, the music of Virginia native JD Myers is some seriously hot, radio-ready country primed to bust down the doors of Music Row.

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