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  1. Guitar Man
  2. Till I Come Back In Style
  3. Lookin' At The Rain
  4. God's Gonna Cut You Down
  5. Highwayman
  6. Black Rose
  7. Freedom To Stay
  8. Wheels
  9. Garden Party
  10. The Bottom Line
  11. Guitar Man (Reprise)

"Before the high & lonesome dirt roads of America were bumper to bumper with formulaic rhythms, $.99 cent hooks meant to titillate the every decreasing attention span of listeners & Daisy Duke clad passengers eager to crack open a cold one for their GAP wearing counterparts behind the wheel, they were simply high & lonesome dirt roads. Occasionally a beat up old pickup would find its way down one of those roads and if you listened carefully enough as it passed, you'd hear the tell-tale sound of some old Country song scratching its way through the busted speakers. You knew what it was by the song. You knew who sang it by the voice. You knew Jerry Reed's guitar when he slipped into that Georgia swagger. You knew Waylon Jennings' heart when he realized his heaven. You knew Johnny Cash's soul when he let you look inside.

And not a damn one of them had to shake their ass for you to do so.

They just played. And we listened.

It seems everyone these days is an Outlaw. The Top 40 is riddled with them... or so they'd have you believe. But it doesn't take much courage to reinvent the wheel. It doesn't take much panache to tell everyone what a badass you are. And sadly, it doesn't really take much talent to saddle on up with heavy rotation on POP94. It just takes doing what everyone else does. Beer, Trucks & Chicks. The Holy Trifecta of Bullshit.

That, my friends, is the furthest thing from an Outlaw you can possibly be.

This is not your Granddaddy's album. Nor is it your kids' album. This is your album. This is what you deserve. No suits were worn in the song selections you're about to hear. No studies were conducted on test audiences to determine which song would make the best video or sell the most T-shirts. This album is a handful of tunes that reflect back on an era of music that has slowly and purposefully been pushed to the side. These songs have been recorded by a man who isn't going to let that slide easily into the dark."

Mike Miller "The Vagabond King"

© 2014 Twangabilly Music

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